Classifieds Posting Policies and Terms

Free Classifieds: CFJC Today’s free classifieds section is for local residents only. All registered users must provide a valid local email address that resolves to a local IP address. We do not accept registrations or postings from businesses such as commercial retailers, service providers, merchandisers, dealers, agents or brokers in our Free Classifieds section however, we are pleased to provide cost effective paid advertising to help your business.

Auto Market: For licensed Kamloops Automotive Dealers wishing to list their used vehicle inventory we offer our Auto Market section under the Classifieds heading. Contact [email protected] for more information. Residents who wish to privately sell a used vehicle may post in the Free Classifieds section.

Real Estate: For licensed Realtors we offer our Real Estate section under the Classifieds heading, contact [email protected] for more information. Residents who wish to privately sell a home or property may post in the Free Classifieds section.

Obituaries: For licensed Funeral Home Operators we offer our Obituaries section under the Classifieds heading, contact [email protected] for more information.

Job postings: CFJC Today is partnered with for all employment listings. Please contact them, if you wish to post a job on CFJC Today. We do not offer job postings in our Free Classifieds section.

Rental postings: All rental ads MUST comply with the Human Rights Code of BC and the requirements of the Residential Tenancy Act. CFJC Today will endeavour to remove without notice, any Rental posting that is not in compliance with applicable laws.

Pets postings: CFJC Today operates in support of the local animal welfare groups including the BC SPCA and the Kamloops Humane Society. We will not accept postings from animal breeders or for the sale of exotic pets which are prohibited in BC. For a complete list, please see the BC SPCA website. Should you require further information or assistance please contact: BC SPCA via their website: BC SPCA or the Kamloops Humane Society by phone at 250-376-1366 or by e-mail: [email protected]

For ALL Free Classifieds postings: You, as the content poster, take sole responsibility for ensuring that your item can be legally sold. CFJC Today explicitly prohibits the sale of the following items:

• Adult-oriented materials.

• Advice or admonishments.

• Alcohol, tobacco and cannabis related products.

• Alerts, warnings, comments, opinions, stories or personal correspondence.

• Body armour (must be licensed under the BC Body Armour Control Act).

• Consumer product recalled items. (see this Consumer Product Safety list for more info)

• Donation requests/monetary solicitations.

• Drugs: illegal, prescription and non-prescription drugs, drug paraphernalia and services.

• Explosives and fireworks.

• Any products which are unauthorized for distribution as per Health Canada. (please see Health Canada Advisories and Warnings)

• Medical/health devices requiring a prescription.

• Multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes, on-line survey solicitation or ads that send traffic to another website.

• Notifications of sold items.

• Obituaries (contact your funeral home to get a posting in our “Obituaries” section).

• Offensive, obscene, pornographic material, escort agencies, and/or services.

• Ski Passes & Lessons.

• Taxidermy items.

• Weapons and related items (ie. Firearms, firearm parts & accessories, ammunition, BB, airsoft & pellet guns, hunting bows, etc).

• Website or web address solicitations.

CFJC Today reserves the right to delete at our discretion any postings which are not clear on the material being sold or service being offered or any duplicate or similar postings in one category.

Legal Notice: Use of CFJC Today’s classified ad service is subject to the legal notice provisions on our website. Please refer to that section of website for these terms and conditions as well as the conditions set out above. You are solely responsible for any statements that are posted using your account. Do not use obscene or offensive language. You may not post any ad that could be considered obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening, harassing or in violation of the law. Do not post ads in categories that are not relevant to the item or service you are advertising. Do not harvest or otherwise collect names, e-mail addresses or other identifying information from other participants. CFJCTODAY.COM CANNOT REVIEW EVERY AD, VERIFY THE ACCURACY OF STATEMENTS MADE BY PARTICIPANTS OR DETERMINE WHETHER THE MATERIALS POSTED BY PARTICIPANTS VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS. THEREFORE, YOU AGREE TO ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY FOR THE CONTENT OF YOUR POSTINGS. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY STATEMENTS OR MATERIALS POSTED ON THIS SITE. At our sole judgement, any postings identified as unacceptable or in the wrong category will be moved or deleted without notice. If you see any postings that violate our policies, please contact us so that we may review it. CFJC Today reserves the right to refuse any item or remove any posting without cause or notice and to terminate your account for any reason at any time. Questions or comments: All email sent to [email protected] will be responded to by one of our moderators.